Information Constructions and Algorithms (C# code in GitHub, 2019-Aug)

Information Constructions and Algorithms (C# code in GitHub, 2019-Aug) 1

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This course teaches an entire itemizing of important and superior knowledge buildings and algorithms, an necessary topic of coding interviews at tech companies.

The course is paired with a C# GitHub open current mission (username: PiJei, repository arrange: AlgorithmsAndDataStructures) the place each algorithm is tagged with its home and time complexities (Monumental O), and examined for correctness with the exact same examples used on this course.

In case you’re a developer or a graduate scholar who’s getting ready for coding interviews at massive tech companies as Google, Amazon, Fb, Apple, Microsoft, or smaller extreme tech companies, it is best to have landed inside the suitable place. By attending this course it is attainable you will be taught the necessary and complex knowledge buildings and algorithms, as quickly as and for all.

Some algorithms are taught over a medium measurement occasion such that the algorithm repeats itself pretty a few circumstances until it is not superior and considerably merely understood.

You are anticipated to deal with up the data gained by means of this course for a terribly prolonged time interval. It’s due to this course makes heavy utilization of animations , examples, and repetitions, which can be the keys for deeply learning new factors.

The course has 45 lectures (~ 400 minutes) overlaying the next factors:

Search Algorithms:

  1. Linear Search

  2. Hash-Desk Search

  3. Soar Search

  4. Exponential Search

  5. Fibonacci Search

  6. Binary Search

  7. Ternary Search

  8. Interpolation Search

Choice Algorithms:

  1. Bubble Choice

  2. Insertion Choice

  3. Varied Choice

  4. Quick Choice

  5. Merge Choice

  6. Radix Choice

  7. Heap Choice

Binary Heaps:

  1. Min Binary Heap

  2. Max Binary Heap

  3. Min-Max Binary Heap

    With these operations:

    1. Assemble

    2. Insert

    3. Delete

Binary Timber:

  1. Binary Search Tree

  2. AVL Tree

  3. RedBlack Tree

    With these operations:

    1. Insert

    2. Delete

Nary Timber:

  1. B Tree

  2. B+ Tree

    With these operations:

     a. Insert

     b. Delete

Instructors: Parisa Jalili Marandi