Be taught Deep Learning Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient™ CNN, OpenCV, YOLO, SSD & GANs Udemy course free receive

Go from Beginner to Educated in using Deep Learning for Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient (Keras & Python) ending 28 Precise-World Initiatives

What you’ll research

  • Be taught by ending 26 superior computer imaginative and prescient initiatives along with Emotion, Age & Gender Classification, London Underground Sign Detection, Monkey Breed, Flowers, Fruits, Simpsons Characters and plenty of additional!
  • Udemy course free receive
  • Be taught Superior Deep Learning Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient Methods resembling Change Learning and using pre-trained fashions (VGG, MobileNet, InceptionV3, ResNet50) on ImageNet and re-create in fashion CNNs resembling AlexNet, LeNet, VGG, and U-Web.
  • Understand how Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, R-CNNs, SSDs, YOLO & GANs with my easy to look at explanations
  • Grow to be accustomed to totally different frameworks (PyTorch, Caffe, MXNET, CV APIs), Cloud GPUs and get an overview of the Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient World
  • Uncover methods to make use of the Python library Keras to assemble difficult Deep Learning Networks (using Tensorflow backend)
  • Uncover methods to do Neural Style Change, DeepDream and use GANs to Age Faces as a lot as 60+
  • Uncover methods to create, label, annotate, put together your particular person Image Datasets, glorious for Faculty Initiatives and Startups
  • Uncover methods to make use of OpenCV with a FREE Elective course with just about 4 hours of video
  • Uncover methods to make use of CNN’s like U-Web to hold out Image Segmentation which is very useful in Medical Imaging utility
  • Uncover methods to make use of TensorFlow’s Object Detection API and Create A Custom-made Object Detector in YOLO
  • Be taught Facial Recognition with VGGFace
  • Be taught to utilize Cloud GPUs on PaperSpace for 100X Velocity Improve vs CPU
  • Be taught to Assemble a Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient API and Web App and host it on AWS using an EC2 Event


  • Basic programming knowledge is a plus nonetheless not a requirement
  • Highschool diploma math, School diploma could be a bonus
  • Free applications from Udemy
  • Atleast 20GB storage space for Digital Machine and Datasets
  • A Dwelling home windows, macOS or Linux OS


Deep Learning Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient™ Use Python & Keras to implement CNNs, YOLO, TFOD, R-CNNs, SSDs & GANs + A Free Introduction to OpenCV3.

Should you want to research all the most recent 2019 concepts in making use of Deep Learning to Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient, look no extra – that’s the course for you! You’ll get palms  the subsequent Deep Learning frameworks in Python:

  • Keras
  • Tensorflow
  • Receive Udemy course free
  • TensorFlow Object Detection API
  • YOLO (DarkNet and DarkFlow)
  • OpenCV

All in a easy to utilize digital machine, with all libraries pre-installed!


Apr 2019 Updates:

  • One of the best ways to setup a Cloud GPU on PaperSpace and Observe a CIFAR10 AlexNet CNN just about 100 events faster!
  • Assemble a Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient API and Web App and host it on AWS using an EC2 Event!

Mar 2019 Updates:

Newly added Facial Recognition & Credit score rating Card Amount Reader Initiatives

  • Acknowledge numerous people using your webcam
  • Facial Recognition on the Buddies TV Current Characters
  • Take a picture of a Credit score rating Card, extract and set up the numbers on that card!


Laptop computer imaginative and prescient functions involving Deep Learning are booming!

Having Machines that will ‘see‘ will change our world and revolutionize just about every commerce available on the market. Machines or robots that will see might be able to:

  • Perform surgical process and exactly analyze and diagnose you from medical scans.
  • Enable self-driving cars
  • Remodel robots allowing us to assemble robots that will put together dinner, clear and assist us with just about any course of
  • Understand what’s being seen in CCTV surveillance motion pictures thus performing security, guests administration and numerous totally different suppliers
  • Create Art work with fantastic Neural Style Transfers and totally different trendy sorts of image expertise
  • Simulate many duties resembling Rising older faces, modifying dwell video feeds and realistically alternate actors in motion pictures

Massive know-how firms resembling Fb, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla are all carefully devoting billions to computer imaginative and prescient evaluation.

Due to this, the demand for computer imaginative and prescient expertise is rising exponentially!

Nonetheless, finding out computer imaginative and prescient with Deep Learning is hard!

  • Tutorials are too technical and theoretical
  • Code is outdated
  • Novices merely don’t know the place to start

That’s why I made this course!

  • I  spent months making a appropriate and full finding out path.
  • I educate all key concepts logically and with out overloading you with mathematical concept whereas using the freshest methods.
  • Free Udemy course
  • I created a FREE Digital Machine with all Deep Learning Libraries (Keras, TensorFlow, OpenCV, TFODI, YOLO, Darkflow and so forth) put in! It would forestall hours of painfully subtle installs
  • I educate using smart examples and in addition you’ll research by doing 18 initiatives!

Initiatives resembling:

  1. Handwritten Digit Classification using MNIST
  2. Image Classification using CIFAR10
  3. Canine vs Cats classifier
  4. Flower Classifier using Flowers-17
  5. Fashion Classifier using FNIST
  6. Monkey Breed Classifier
  7. Fruit Classifier
  8. Simpsons Character Classifier
  9. Using Pre-trained ImageNet Fashions to classify a 1000 object programs
  10. Age, Gender and Emotion Classification
  11. Discovering the Nuclei in Medical Scans using U-Web
  12. Object Detection using a ResNet50 SSD Model constructed using TensorFlow Object Detection
  13. Object Detection with YOLO V3
  14. A Custom-made YOLO Object Detector that Detects London Underground Tube Indicators
  15. DeepDream
  16. Neural Style Transfers
  17. GANs – Generate Fake Digits
  18. GANs – Age Faces as a lot as 60+ using Age-cGAN
  19. Face Recognition
  20. Credit score rating Card Digit Reader
  21. Using Cloud GPUs on PaperSpace
  22. Assemble a Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient API and Web App and host it on AWS using an EC2 Event!

And OpenCV Initiatives resembling:

  1. Dwell Sketch
  2. Determining Shapes
  3. Counting Circles and Ellipses
  4. Discovering Waldo
  5. Single Object Detectors using OpenCV
  6. Automotive and Pedestrian Detector using Cascade Classifiers

So if you happen to want to get an exquisite foundation in Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient, look no extra.

That’s the course for you!

On this course, you may uncover the power of Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient in Python, and purchase experience to dramatically improve your occupation prospects as a Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient developer.


As for Updates and assist:

I shall be energetic every single day throughout the ‘questions and options’ house of the course, so that you is perhaps certainly not by your self.

So, can you get started? Enroll now and start the strategy of becoming a Grasp in Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient using Deep Learning in the intervening time!


What earlier school college students have talked about my totally different Udemy Course: 

“I’m amazed on the potentialities. Very educational, finding out larger than what I ever thought was attainable. Now, being able to essentially use it in a smart objective is intriguing… slightly extra to review & apply”

“Terribly properly taught and informative Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient course! I’ve trawled the web looking out for OpenCV python tutorials sources nonetheless this course was by far among the finest amalgamation of associated courses and initiatives. Beloved among the many initiatives and had numerous pleasant tinkering them.”

“Superior trainer and course. The explanations are very simple to know and the provides are quite simple to look at. Positively an excellent introduction to image processing.”

“I am terribly impressed by this course!! I really feel that’s by far among the finest Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient course on Udemy. I’m a college pupil who had beforehand taken a Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient course in undergrad. This 6.5 hour course blows away my college class by miles!!”

“Rajeev did an unbelievable job on this course. I had no idea how computer imaginative and prescient labored and now have an excellent foundation of concepts and knowledge of smart functions. Rajeev is apparent and concise which helps make a complicated matter easy to know for anyone looking to start developing functions.”

======================================================Who this course is for:

  • Programmers, college school college students or anyone enthusiastic about computer imaginative and prescient and deep finding out
  • These wanting to be on the forefront of the job market for the AI Revolution
  • Those who have an unbelievable startup or App idea involving computer imaginative and prescient
  • Enthusiastic hobbyists eager to assemble pleasant Laptop computer Imaginative and prescient functions

Created by Rajeev D. Ratan
Closing updated 3/2020
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