Begin from 0 & analysis each subjects concurrently from scratch by writing 20+ hacking capabilities


Created by Zaid Sabih, z Safety
Final up to date 3/2020
English [Auto-generated]
What you’ll analysis
  • 170+ movement footage on Python programming & moral hacking
  • Organize hacking lab & wanted software program program program (on Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux)
  • Be taught 2 subjects on the equal time – Python programming & Moral Hacking
  • Begin from Zero as loads as a high-intermediate diploma
  • Write over 20 moral hacking and safety capabilities
  • Be taught by event, by writing thrilling capabilities
  • Mannequin factors, design decisions & implement them utilizing Python
  • Write capabilities in Python 2 and three
  • Write cross platform capabilities that work on Home dwelling home windows, OS X & Linux
  • Have a deep understanding on how laptop strategies work
  • Have a powerful base & use the talents realized to jot down any program even when its not associated to hacking
  • Perceive what’s Hacking, what’s Programming, and why are they associated
  • Design a testing lab to look at hacking & programming safely
  • Work collectively & use Linux terminal
  • Perceive what MAC kind out is & one of many easiest methods to change it
  • Write a python program to alter MAC kind out
  • Use Python modules and libraries
  • Perceive Object Oriented Programming
  • Write object oriented capabilities
  • Mannequin & design extendable capabilities
  • Write a program to hunt out gadgets related to the equal neighborhood
  • Be taught, analyse & manipulate neighborhood packets
  • Perceive & work together with utterly utterly completely different neighborhood layers akin to ARP, DNS, HTTP ….and so forth
  • Write a program to redirect the switch of packets in a neighborhood (arp spoofer)
  • Write a packet sniffer to filter fascinating knowledge akin to usernames and passwords
  • Write a program to redirect DNS requests (DNS Spoofer)
  • Intercept and modify neighborhood packets on the fly
  • Write a program to interchange downloads requested by any laptop on the neighborhood
  • Analyse & modify HTTP requests and responses
  • Inject code in HTML pages loaded by any laptop on the equal neighborhood
  • Downgrade HTTPS to HTTP
  • Write a program to detect ARP Spoofing assaults
  • Write payloads to amass a file, execute command, pay money for & execute, pay money for execute & report …..and so forth
  • Use sockets to ship knowledge over TCP
  • Ship knowledge reliably over TCP
  • Write client-server capabilities
  • Write a backdoor that works on Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux
  • Implement cool decisions all through the backdoor akin to file system entry, add and purchase recordsdata and persistence
  • Write a distant keylogger which is able to register all keystrikes and ship them by E-mail correspondence
  • Work together with recordsdata utilizing python (examine, write & modify)
  • Convert python capabilities to binary executables that work on Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux
  • Convert malware to torjans that work and effectivity like utterly completely different file varieties like a picture or a PDF
  • Bypass Anti-Virus Functions
  • Perceive how web websites work, the utilized sciences used and one of many easiest methods to strive them for weaknesses
  • Ship requests towebsites and analyse responses
  • Write a program which is able to uncover hidden paths in an net web site
  • Write a program which is able to map an net web site and uncover all hyperlinks, subdomains, recordsdata and directories
  • Extract and submit varieties from python
  • Run dictionary assaults and guess login knowledge on login pages
  • Analyse HTML utilizing Python
  • Work together with web websites utilizing Python
  • Write a program which is able to uncover vulnerabilities in web websites


  • Elementary IT knowledge
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  • Laptop computer with a minimal of 4GB ram/reminiscence
  • Working System: Home dwelling home windows / OS X / Linux

Welcome this good course the place you’ll analysis python programming and moral hacking on the equal time, the course assumes you may have NO prior knowledge in any of those subjects, and by the tip of it you’ll be at a excessive intermediate diploma having the ability to mix each of those abilities and write python capabilities to hack into laptop strategies precisely the equal signifies that black hat hackers do, and use the programming abilities you analysis to write any program even when it has nothing to do with hacking.

This course is terribly smart nonetheless it gained’t neglect the thought, we’ll begin with fundamentals on moral hacking and python programming, inserting throughout the wanted software program program program after which we’ll dive and begin programming right away. From correct proper right here onwards you’ll analysis all the objects by event, by writing helpful hacking capabilities, so we’ll under no circumstances have any boring dry programming lectures.

The course is lower up into a great deal of sections, every targets to understand a particular intention, the intention is often to hack correct proper right into a sure system, so we’ll begin by discovering out how this technique work and its weaknesses, and likewise you then’ll lean one of many easiest methods to write down down a python program to make use of those weaknesses and hack the system, as we write this method I’m going to apply you python programming from scratch masking one subject at a time, so by the tip of the course you’re going to have a great deal of moral hacking capabilities written by your self (see beneath) from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, neighborhood hacking gadgets, web site hacking gadgets and the rules goes on. You’ll even have a deep understanding on how laptop strategies work, one of many easiest methods to mannequin factors, design an algorithm to unravel factors and implement the reply utilizing python.

As talked about on this course you’ll analysis each moral hacking and programming on the equal time, so listed beneath are some of the subjects that will perhaps be lined all through the course:

Programming subjects:

  • Writing capabilities for python 2 and three.
  • Utilizing modules and libraries.
  • Variables, varieties …and so forth.
  • Dealing with explicit particular person enter.
  • Discovering out and writing recordsdata.
  • Choices.
  • Loops.
  • Knowledge constructions.
  • Regex.
  • Desiccation making.
  • Recursion.
  • Threading.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Packet manipulation utilizing scapy.
  • Netfilterqueue.
  • Socket programming.
  • String manipulation.
  • Exceptions.
  • Serialisation.
  • Compiling capabilities to binary executables.
  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.
  • Parsing HTML.
  • + additional!

Hacking subjects:

  • Fundamentals of neighborhood hacking / penetration testing.
  • Altering MAC kind out & bypassing filtering.
  • Group mapping.
  • ARP Spoofing – redirect the switch of packets in a neighborhood.
  • DNS Spoofing – redirect requests from one web site to a singular.
  • Spying on any shopper related to the neighborhood – see usernames, passwords, visited urls ….and so forth.
  • Inject code in pages loaded by any laptop related to the equal neighborhood.
  • Substitute recordsdata on the fly as they get downloaded by any laptop on the equal neighborhood.
  • Detect ARP spoofing assaults.
  • Bypass HTTPS.
  • Create malware for Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Create trojans for Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Hack Home dwelling home windows, OS X and Linux utilizing customized backdoor.
  • Bypass Anti-Virus capabilities.
  • Use faux login speedy to steal credentials.
  • Current faux updates.
  • Use non-public keylogger to spy on all the objects typed on a Home dwelling home windows & Linux.
  • Be taught the fundamentals of web site hacking / penetration testing.
  • Uncover subdomains.
  • Uncover hidden recordsdata and directories in an net web site.
  • Run wordlist assaults to guess login knowledge.
  • Uncover and exploit XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Uncover weaknesses in web websites utilizing non-public vulnerability scanner.

Functions you’ll assemble on this course:

You’ll analysis all of the above by implementing the following hacking capabilities

  • mac_changer – modifications MAC Cope with to 1 factor we want.
  • network_scanner – scans neighborhood and discovers the IP and MAC kind out of all related purchasers.
  • arp_spoofer – runs an arp spoofing assault to redirect the switch of packets all through the neighborhood permitting us to intercept knowledge.
  • packet_sniffer – filters intercepted knowledge and divulges usernames, passwords, visited hyperlinks ….and so forth
  • dns_spoofer – redirects DNS requests, eg: redirects requests to from one house to a singular.
  • file_interceptor – replaces intercepted recordsdata with any file we want.
  • code_injector – injects code in intercepted HTML pages.
  • arpspoof_detector – detects ARP spoofing assaults.
  • execute_command payload – executes a system command on the pc it ought to get executed on.
  • execute_and_report payload – executes a system command and analysis last consequence through electronic message.
  • download_and_execute payload – downloads a file and executes it on the right track system.
  • download_execute_and_report payload – downloads a file, executes it, and analysis last consequence by electronic message.
  • reverse_backdoor – presents distant administration over the system it ought to get executed on, permits us to
    • Entry file system.
    • Execute system instructions.
    • Purchase & add recordsdata
  • keylogger – data key-strikes and sends them to us by electronic message.
  • crawler – discovers hidden paths on a goal web site.
  • discover_subdomains – discovers subdomains on the right track web site.
  • spider – maps all the target web site and discovers all recordsdata, directories and hyperlinks.
  • guess_login – runs a wordlist assault to guess login knowledge.
  • vulnerability_scanner – scans a goal web site for weaknesses and produces a report with all findings.

As you assemble the above you’ll analysis:

  • Organising a penetration testing lab to look at hacking safely.
  • Inserting in Kali Linux and Home dwelling home windows as digital machines inside ANY working system.
  • Linux Fundamentals.
  • Linux terminal fundamentals.
  • How networks work.
  • How purchasers communicate in a neighborhood.
  • Cope with Selection Protocol – ARP.
  • Group layers.
  • House Title System – DNS.
  • Hypertext Change Protocol – HTTP.
  • HTTPS.
  • How anti-virus capabilities work.
  • Sockets.
  • Connecting gadgets over TCP.
  • Transferring knowledge over TCP.
  • How web site work.
  • GET & POST requests.
  • And additional!

By the tip of the course you’re going to have programming abilities to jot down any program even when it has nothing to do with hacking, nonetheless you’ll analysis programming by programming hacking gadgets!

With this course you’ll get 24/7 assist, so when you would have any questions you would possibly submit them all through the Q&A bit and we’ll reply to you inside 15 hours.


  • This course is created for tutorial capabilities solely and all of the assaults are launched in my very private lab or in opposition to gadgets that I’ve permission to check.
  • This course is completely a product of Zaid Sabih & zSecurity, no utterly completely different organisation is expounded to it or a certification examination. Though, you’re going to get maintain of a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, other than that NO OTHER ORGANISATION IS INVOLVED.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone involved to find out Python programming
  • Anyone involved to find out moral hacking / penetration testing

Dimension: 12.13G



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