Critical Code Studies: initial(methods) (Software Studies)

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“Marino reads code with the unusual passion of a scholar-adventurer, discovering paintings, poetry, ideology, and philosophy inside the intimate interface between programmer and machine. Essential Code Analysis provides model case analysis of humanities-driven readings of laptop code, and in so doing illuminates new evaluation methods for educated investigations of the availability codes of digital custom.”

―Scott Rettberg, Professor of Digital Custom on the School of Bergen and creator of Digital Literature

An argument that we should always be taught code for higher than what it does―we should always take note of what it means.

Laptop computer provide code has develop into part of in type discourse. Code is be taught not solely by programmers nonetheless by authorized professionals, artists, pundits, reporters, political activists, and literary college students; it is utilized in political debate, creative endeavors, in type leisure, and historic accounts. On this e ebook, Mark Marino argues that code means higher than merely what it does; we should always moreover take note of what it means. We’ve to be taught to be taught code critically. Marino presents a set of case analysis―ranging from the Climategate scandal to a hactivist paintings mission on the US-Mexico border―as lessons in necessary code learning.

Marino displays how, inside the strategy of its circulation, the which suggests of code changes previous its helpful perform to include connotations and implications, opening it as a lot as interpretation and inference―and misinterpretation and reappropriation. The Climategate controversy, as an illustration, stemmed from a misreading of a bit of little bit of placeholder code as a “smoking gun” that supposedly proved fabrication of native climate info. A poetry generator created by Nick Montfort was remixed and reimagined by completely different poets, and matter to literary interpretation.

Each case look at begins by presenting a small and self-contained passage of code―by coders as disparate as programming pioneer Grace Hopper and thinker Friedrich Kittler―and an accessible rationalization of its context and functioning. Marino then explores its extra-functional significance, demonstrating a variety of interpretive approaches.

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