Extreme C: Taking you to the limit in Concurrency, OOP, and the most advanced capabilities of C

E-book particulars

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  • Author: Packt Publishing; 1 model (31 October 2019)
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Who this e-book is for: Extreme C is for C programmers who want to dig deep into the language and its capabilities. It will present you tips on how to revenue from the low-level administration C gives you.

Push the boundaries of what C – and in addition you – can do, with this high-intensity info to primarily probably the most superior capabilities of C

Key Choices

  • Make the most of C’s low-level administration, flexibility, and extreme effectivity
  • An entire info to C’s strongest and troublesome choices
  • A thought-provoking info stuffed with hands-on exercises and examples

E-book Description

There’s way more to C than understanding the language syntax. The enterprise appears for builders with a rigorous, scientific understanding of the foundations and practices. Extreme C will educate you to utilize C’s superior low-level power to jot down environment friendly, atmosphere pleasant methods. This intensive, wise info will present you tips on how to develop to be an expert C programmer.

Setting up in your current C info, you may grasp preprocessor directives, macros, conditional compilation, pointers, and far more. You may purchase new notion into algorithm design, capabilities, and constructions. You may uncover how C helps you squeeze most effectivity out of important, resource-constrained functions.

C nonetheless performs an important place in 21st-century programming, remaining the core language for precision engineering, aviations, space evaluation, and additional. This e-book reveals how C works with Unix, how one can implement OO guidelines in C, and completely covers multi-processing.

In Extreme C, Amini encourages you to suppose, question, apply, and experiment on your self. The e-book is essential for anybody who must take their C to the next stage.

What you may research

  • Assemble superior C info on strong foundations, rooted in first guidelines
  • Understand memory constructions and compilation pipeline and the best way they work, and the way one could make most out of them
  • Apply object-oriented design guidelines to your procedural C code
  • Write low-level code that’s close to the {{hardware}} and squeezes most effectivity out of a laptop system
  • Grasp concurrency, multithreading, multi-processing, and integration with totally different languages
  • Unit Testing and debugging, assemble methods, and inter-process communication for C programming

Desk of Contents

  1. Essential Choices
  2. From Provide to Binary
  3. Object Recordsdata
  4. Course of Memory Building
  5. Stack and Heap
  6. OOP and Encapsulation
  7. Composition and Aggregation
  8. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  9. Abstraction and OOP in C++
  10. Unix: Historic previous and Construction
  11. System Calls and Kernels
  12. The Most Newest C
  13. Concurrency
  14. Synchronization
  15. Thread Execution
  16. Thread Synchronization
  17. Course of Execution
  18. Course of Synchronization
  19. Single-Host IPC and Sockets
  20. Socket Programming
  21. Integration with Totally different Languages
  22. Unit Testing and Debugging
  23. Assemble Applications

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