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For the final three billion years or so, life on Earth was formed by pure forces. Evolution tended to occur slowly, with species crafted throughout millennia. Then, a couple of hundred thousand years in the past, alongside got here a bolshie, big-brained, bipedal primate we now name Homo sapiens, and with that, the Earth’s pure historical past got here to an abrupt finish. We at the moment are dwelling by the post-natural part, the place people have grow to be the main power shaping evolution.

This thought-provoking e book considers the various ways in which we’ve altered the DNA of dwelling issues and adjusted the destiny of life on earth. We have now carved chihuahuas from wolves and fancy chickens from jungle fowl. We’ve added spider genes to goats and coral genes to tropical fish. It’s doable to purchase genetically-modified pets, eat genetically-modified fish and watch cloned ponies thunder up and down the polo subject.

Now, as our world dominance grows, our affect extends far past these species. As we heat our world and radically reshape the biosphere, we have an effect on the evolution of all dwelling issues, close to and much, from the emergence of novel hybrids such because the pizzly bear, to the completely new strains of animals and vegetation which might be evolving at breakneck pace to deal with their altered surroundings.

In Life Altering, Helen introduces us to those post-natural creations and talks to the scientists who create, examine and have a tendency to them. At a time when the way forward for so many species is unsure, we meet a few of the conservationists searching for to steer evolution onto firmer footings with novel strategies just like the ‘spermcopter’, coral IVF and plans to launch wild elephants into Denmark. Helen explores the altering relationship between people and the pure world, and divulges how, with evidence-based considering, people can assist life change for the higher.


Helen Pilcher takes on the unenviable job of describing how our species has been on a collision course, spanning roughly 300,000 years of historical past, with the remainder of life on earth. It shouldn’t make for good studying however, mercifully, Pilcher is each very humorous and really, very intelligent. (Gillian Burke, biologist and TV presenter)

With heat wit and wonderful tempo, Life Altering delivers an eloquent commentary on this, the age of post-natural historical past. Expertly pulling collectively and detailing the work of a whole lot of scientists all over the world, Pilcher encourages us to ask well timed questions on our function as stewards and curators of a planet struggling underneath our affect. (Jules Howard, naturalist, science author and writer of Demise on Earth)

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